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07 Mar 2023
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First Complexity Explorer Lecture in Spanish

Miguel Fuentes on Epistemological Emergence

We are delighted to share our first Complexity Explorer lecture in Spanish by SFI External Professor Miguel Fuentes

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Spanish is the second most-spoken language of Complexity Explorer users. We have users from all countries where Spanish is the official language, except Equatorial Guinea. 

New Tutorial

Agent-Based Models With Python: An Introduction to Mesa 

Our newest tutorial introduces agent-based modeling with the python-based library Mesa. Work through the code alongside the Mesa team as they demonstrate the seminal Sugarscape with Traders model in Google Colab.

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Computation in Complex Systems Registration 

Computation in Complex Systems with Cris Moore & John Malloy begins March 28

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We are excited to offer this year's run of Computation in Complex Systems free of charge in celebration of our 10th anniversary! Watch Teaching Assistant John Malloy's new intro video.

This course explores computational complexity, exploring problems ranging from easy (polynomial time) to hard (NP-complete) to impossible (undecidable). The aim of this course is to help participants gain an understanding of the deep ideas of theoretical computer science in a clear and enjoyable fashion, making those ideas accessible both to non-computer scientists and to computer scientists who want to revisit these ideas in a broader and deeper way.


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