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Nonlinear Dynamics is in session!

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12 Jan 2023
Nonlinear Dynamics Mathematics

Join us for Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical & Computational Approaches

Led by Instructor Liz Bradley & adorable course assistants (pictured below)

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Happy New Year! We hope your 2023 is off to a fantastic start. There's still time to join us for Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches. This ongoing course provides a broad introduction to the field of nonlinear dynamics, focusing on the mathematics and and the computational tools that are essential to the study of chaotic systems.

After a quick overview of the field and its history, the course digs deeper into the dynamics of maps—discrete-time dynamical systems—encountering and unpacking the notions of state space, trajectories, attractors and basins of attraction, stability and instability, bifurcations, and the Feigenbaum number.

Since chaotic systems cannot, by definition, be solved in closed form, you will spend time thinking about how to solve them numerically, and learning what challenges arise.  You will then learn about techniques and tools for applying all of this theory to real-world data and close with a number of interesting applications: control of chaos, prediction of chaotic systems, chaos in the solar system, and uses of chaos in music and dance.

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