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Course Syllabus

Social Network Analysis

This course is an introduction to Social Network Analysis. The aim is to give students an overview of research on Social Networks, and the descriptive measures, models and analytical methods for empirical Social Network Analysis. This course has a maximum capacity of 30 students. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: 1. Formulate meaningful research questions in social network analysis; 2. Understand the basics of gathering network data, and the issues and problems in collecting network data; 3. Calculate a range of descriptive measures of social networks, and interpret these measures; 4. Specify empirical analysis of both cross‐sectional and longitudinal network data, and interpret the results of such analyses; 5. Formulate agent‐based models which generate networks with diverse global structures from local behaviour of agents.

University of Oxford
Felix Reed-Tsochas, Paolo Campana
Economics, Agent-Based Modeling, Networks, Social Systems, Social Science