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The Computational Beauty of Nature

`This is a wonderful book. The author lucidly describes the computational beauty of nature from four different perspectives: `Computer Explorations,' `Chaos,' `Complex Systems,' and `Adaptation.' ... Using all four approaches, Flake not only clearly describes nature, but also presents the same phenomena with each approach. This strategy gives the reader a very broad-based educational experience and promotes critical thinking. Without such a presentation, explaining models that purport to describe `nature' can be quite intimidating. Flexibility is another major plus of this publication: Readers may skip a portion of any section or even an entire section without loss of continuity. ... reading this awe-inspiring book will be a colorful experience for the mind.'' --Jason R. Taylor, SB&F, May/June 1999

G. W. Flake
Computation, Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems, Evolution, Art