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Modeling Complex Systems

Preface: "The purpose of this book is to show how models of complex systems are built up and to provide the mathematical tools indispensable for studying their dynamics. This is not, however, a book on the theory of dynamical systems illustrated with some applications; the focus is on modeling, so, in presenting the essential results of dynamical system theory, technical proofs of theorems are omitted, but references for the interested reader are indicated. While mathematic results on dynamical systems such as differential equations or recurrence equations abound, this is far from being the case from spatially extended systems such as automata networks, whose theory is still in its infancy. Many illustrative examples take from a variety of disciplines ranging from ecology and epidemiology to sociology and seismology, are given. "

N. Boccara
Complex Systems, Modeling, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics