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Complex and Sustainable Urban Networks (CSUN) Lab

The website aims to describe the activities going on within CSUN. We live in a fascinating world and we have some significant challenges to overcome. Our goal at CSUN is to create knowledge and generate methods to help design more sustainable and resilient cities. See our mission statement. Beyond what you can find on the website, we have many great projects going on at the moment, and we invite you to come back quite frequently as we'll soon be adding new features as well as our latest work. As opposed to our typical data visualizations, we are featuring our new ArcGIS Features to Edgelist Tool this time (download here with the tutorial)! The tool basically converts any shapefile data of any linear systems, whether roads, pipes, rails, power lines, into a network. The outputs are one layer with all the nodes, one layer with all the edges, and one edge list in csv. The data can then be imported and analyzed in any relevant software (see list here). The tool was coded by CSUN’s Alireza Karduni and Amirhassan Kermanshah. For now, we have coded this tool for ArcGIS solely, but we plan to have a Quantum GIS version in the near future. Most importantly, we plan to add tons of features to the tool so that all the network calculations can be done directly in GIS, minimizing the needs to use external software for the network analysis.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Cities, Networks, Machine Learning, Data Science, Visualization