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Centre for Complex Systems Analysis at York University

We are an open community of interdisciplinary researchers, drawn from a diverse range of departments across the University at York. We are working together, developing and applying novel methods and tools to analyse, model, explore, and solve complex problems that cannot be tackled by one discipline alone. Some 70 YCCSA staff and research students are co-located in purpose-built dedicated research space in the Ron Cooke Hub on the new Heslington East campus. Other YCCSA members reside in their home departments, and are very much part of the YCCSA community. As well as carrying out interdisciplinary research, we also reflect on the process itself, and develop new ways to help bring researchers together and bridge the gaps between disciplines. We each bring our own different and valuable perspectives to the challenges of researching complex systems. YCCSA's research takes three broad themes within the realm of complex systems research: Resilient and Adaptive Systems Biomedical and Ecological Systems Natural Computation and Engineering

University of York
Complex Systems, Medicine, Ecology, Computation