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Centro de Investigacion en Complejidad Social

CICS is a research platform for the production of interdisciplinary research under the paradigm of social complexity. CICS’s research network includes social scientists such as anthropologists and political scientists, also representatives from the natural and exact sciences such as mathematicians, physicists and biologists who collaborate to study social phenomena. For this collaboration to be successful, communicational challenges must be overcome. CICS has chosen the paradigm of complexity to overcome communicational barriers between members of the social and natural sciences. First, formal methods akin to complexity sciences: game theory, network analysis, social dynamics (adaptive learning, gene-culture co-evolution) and agent-based simulations provide a common language. Moreover, concepts developed within the complexity sciences such as emergence or path dependency, make interdiscipline more fruitful by the means of cross-fertilization.

Universidad del Desarrollo
Game Theory, Networks, Social Systems, Social Science, Agent-Based Modeling